Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dull Days

It's been very, very dull and somewhat irritating around Chez Buddy lately. Puppy buddy got sick again, staying home from school, thereby preventing our doing much blogging or surfing. He had a cough so bad it was almost an impressive bark. No walks, no nuffin. Then, beta buddy leaves for a few days, and shuts down her computer. Since I can't get my paw around back of the thing, I can't turn it back on. I tried to talk Winston into doing it, but he would agree only if I taught him how to spam the dog newsgroups, and I refused. So, we're left hanging out on the couch and watching bad movies. (Not a single Scooby Doo movie among them.)

Puppy buddy is back in school, and beta buddy is home, so things should get back to normal in a few days. In the meanwhile, I've got to catch up on email and stuff before I can do much blogging.


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