Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ranch Trip

I think I forgot to mention our trip to the ranch. It was a little complicated this time as a result of my not having had my herbal medicine for over a week.

I had been complaining about how bad the pills taste, and George didn't believe me. I guess the whole discussion got kind of complicated and maybe even a little competitive. George said he could eat a whole bottle of the pills, and I guess I scoffed. So he did. We got them replaced only the day before going to the ranch, so I was still not up to snuff. And it was HOT.

Sometimes the water in the tank is warm, but this time it was cold. Beta buddy kept trying to get me to lie down in the mud--she kept saying that Chester swore by how good it felt on his arthritis. Granted, she's right--Chester did like that mud--but that was when it was WARM. Warm mud is okay, but cold mud is just icky feeling on the sore spots. And I really worry about getting stuck in it. George and Marquis love to get up to their elbows in it, and even roll around, but their legs don't sink in as much as mine do.

Anyway, we didn't walk as much as we usually do, and we didn't see any deer, pigs, or bunnies. George did find some cow poop in which to roll, so he was happy.

(Well, Marquis says he saw a bunny, but I'm skeptical.)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Talking Bark

I've gotten some interesting mail from dogs out there who are puzzled when their buddies try to talk Bark. One of my correspondents mentioned his buddy saying something like, "MORPHOLOGY! cat quaff hassle cenobite?" The impulse is to try to understand this, and guess at what the buddy means--perhaps the buddy is asking if a cat cenobite has a hassle trying to quaff something? Or, on the other hand, one might guess that there are issues of mispronunciation--perhaps the buddy is trying to say something that sounds like that?

I think both those impulses, while understandable, are wrong. Buddies don't listen, so they have trouble learning new languages. I think that the correct response is to be very, very encouraging. Just bark back! That's what I do when my buddies try to talk Bark--I repeat a very simple sentence, "If you run, I'll chase you!" I go into play bow, and I hope they'll get it figured out.

No luck so far, but I'm not giving up hope.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Odd Buddy Behavior (like that's different...)

I think I mentioned we had a buddy visiting, and she gave me a great back rub. She also slept in my bed, and that was a major pain. I had to sleep on the FLOOR!!!! Granted, my buddies put down a dog bed and blankets and covered my head, but, still and all, the FLOOR. I couldn't believe it.

They're also talking weird. I don't usually listen, but I was struck when they let George out of the bathroom--he says he was NOT drinking out of the toilet, but just checking it out, when he accidentally hit the door with his tail. The buddies were both gone, so he was stuck in there a few hours. Being more than a little stressed, he scratched up the door and ate some of the wall. So, the first thing alpha buddy says when he finds George is, "Oh, great, one more thing to fix before putting the house on the market." Huh?

No walk this morning--alpha buddy left super early, and beta buddy took puppy buddy to the busstop. I can't say as I was hugely dissapointed; it was rainy and icky this morning, and I'm not wild about the rain. So, lots of blogging today, and maybe some computer games. George modified some car chase game so that the goal is to run over squirrels--two tails up.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

What to Eat

Maggie is apparently confused by books. No, Maggie, don't eat books. They don't taste all that great, and some of them are pretty good to read. Just don't be fooled by the titles. Chester always complained about certain titles that, he thought, were false advertising, such as: Zen Flesh, Zen Bones; Leaves of Grass; Rule of the Bone; Bone People. While I will grant the principle that books often have misleading titles, I have to say that Zen Flesh, Zen Bones is actually pretty good. It isn't what you think it's about, but it is good.

Anyway, reading can be fun. Granted, sometimes you have to eat books, like when the buddies almost catch you reading. But, otherwise, just eat the doggie obedience books, or other things that might get you grief.

Meanwhile, another eating mystery. We've had another buddy visiting this week. I was a little freaked out, as she looks a lot like my acupuncturist, and I thought she was going to start poking me. Turned out okay, though, as she instead gave me several excellent back massages. Anyway, she bought a bunch of chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (bad gas), but George is. So, George snuck into her room and ate all her chocolate. The buddies freak out, call the vet, AND GIVE MARQUIS THE STUFF THAT MAKES DOGS THROW UP.

Go figure.